National Geographic (via Other People’s Ideas)

National Geographic In the best Big Picture posting for some time (linked from the AV Club), they have acquired access to the entries for National Geographic's annual photography contest (it's open until the 30th if you want to compete!). They've put together an incredible selection and you should really go and look at them all, but here are some of my favourites: … Read More

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DanKam: Augmented Reality For Color Blindness (via Dan Kaminsky’s Blog)

DanKam:  Augmented Reality For Color Blindness [And, we're in Forbes!] [DanKam vs. A Really Epic Optical Illusion] [CNet] So, for the past year or so, I've had a secret side project. Technically, that shouldn't be surprising.  This is security.  Everybody's got a secret side project. Except my side project has had nothing to do with DNS, or the the web, or TCP/IP.  In fact, this project has nothing to do with security at all. Instead, I've been working on correcting color blindness.  Check it … Read More

via Dan Kaminsky's Blog

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12 Sips of Christmas (via From This Pint On)

12 Sips of Christmas As part of a cross-blog experiment led by my friend and fellow blogger Sandy, this post is being written in conjunction with several other (largely financial) blogs under the umbrella inspiration of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Beer lists, and specifically holiday lists, have been done before. But here's my (current) take. I'm stretching beyond beer for this one, but bear with me hopheads, I save the best for last. First sip: Let's start with so … Read More

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Delicia Chocolate Packaging (via Keri Thornton // Graphic Designer)

Delicia Chocolate Packaging It is two weeks today that I shall be leaving FIT and  New York City and going home to England for Christmas. I am very excited to go home, but first I must tackle my last two weeks, which could be described as the hardest run of the stretch so far…so much to do, hence why I've not blogged yet this week. Here are some images of my last packaging project – Branding and packaging for fictitious confectionery brand Delicia. It was suggested that w … Read More

via Keri Thornton // Graphic Designer

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The Age of Million-Function Phones (via le Panacea)

The Age of Million-Function Phones Indeed, we are amidst a new paradigm shift. Everything's being electronized so that everything's more compact and more efficient and more intertwined. It's a process of societal unity. It's vital to compete in this new age for growth. Email is the new medium of long distance communication and Facebooking is the new form of casual socializing. Online games is the new solitaire and Google Reader is the new magazine subscription. As the new age unra … Read More

via le Panacea

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Surely, a comedy genius. (via Sweensryche sez …)

Surely, a comedy genius. When I was 10, my parents took my brother and I on a vacation to Boston. It was the first big city I'd ever seen. But I only really remember one thing about that trip – seeing The Naked Gun in a cool underground theater. The perfect mix of brilliant one-liners, elegantly staged slapstick sequences and spot-on comic acting, the movie was the funniest thing I'd ever seen. And the main reason it all worked was Leslie Nielsen, who passed away Sunday … Read More

via Sweensryche sez …

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Organizing Our “Stuff” (via Just A Blog)

Organizing Our "Stuff" Here's another thing I remember someone saying: How can we better share our "stuff" that's lying around. I have 2 ideas: 1st – Use the blog. When you post your "stuff" via an e-mail, just TAG the e-mail with the word STUFF. How do you tag? Just add this to your e-mail post (see bracket text at very end of post for how it should look): Update: Look at the attached image for an example of how your e-mail should look. Now you can search the blog and … Read More

via Just A Blog

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