Top 5 Wilderness Moments of 2010 (via David Robertson)

Top 5 Wilderness Moments of 2010 I've done some serious travelling this year: 5 months of dedicated travel in Australia, Ireland and Scotland, plus what amounts to 3 months in London. Of that time, much of it was spent exploring far-flung, wild areas well away from the bustle of city life. Here's the 5 moments I enjoyed the most while off the beaten track in 2010. 1. New England Night and Sunrise, Great Dividing Range – at the start of my road trip, I ventured into the depths of … Read More

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Everything (via He has taken me to the banquet hall and His banner over me is love…)

Everything by Tim Hughes God in my living There in my breathing God in my waking God in my sleeping God in my resting There in my working God in my thinking God in my speaking Be my everything Be my everything Be my everything Be my everything God in my hoping There in my dreaming God in my watching God in my waiting God in my laughing There in my weeping God in my hurting God in my healing Christ in me Christ in me Christ in me the hope of glory … Read More

via He has taken me to the banquet hall and His banner over me is love…

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what is a search engine? (via 2yungbenee1’s Weblog)

what is a search engine? search engines: i searched for my favorite band/music (plies) on all three search engines. these are the first websites on the search that came up: they all talk about plies and his history in life. i think is actually better because that is his personal website. her are some of the searches on each of these search engines … Read More

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Two Sticks – Endless Possibilities (via DIYing to be Domestic)

Two Sticks - Endless Possibilities One of my favorite party planning supplies is a set of two wooden sticks.  They are about one inch thick and are about five feet tall.  (They're built on an X so they stand up on their own.)  You might remember seeing them at the Our Lil' Sunshines party holding up the banner. I used them again last weekend.  My brother recently eloped and my family threw him a big fat party.  Because he'd eloped, much of our extended family hadn't met the bride. … Read More

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“Talking Shop,” or “I’m a writer, too!” (via Intergalactic Writers Inc.)

"Talking Shop," or "I'm a writer, too!" I always get really excited when I find out someone writes. The second they let that fact slip, I'm gazing at them, trying to detect a flicker of kinship in their face, vibrating with the possibility that I've found another one! Writing, particularly in the early days, is a relatively solitary endeavour. Paradoxically, or perhaps consequentially, it's also an endeavour with a huge sense of community. I haven't personally met most of the writers I … Read More

via Intergalactic Writers Inc.

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White Elephant (via Meggie’s Life)

White Elephant One of my old teams at work held a gift exchange at Christmas. The idea was that half of us would bring white elephant gifts and the other half would bring nice gifts – while staying within a budget of $20. I was tasked with bringing a white elephant gift and decided it would be best to look at local "junk stores" and flea markets to find the perfect gift. I spent hours looking before hitting the white elephant jackpot. High on a shelf hidden amo … Read More

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Quick Thoughts: The Pineapple Diaries (Or Hathaway and Franco Host the Oscars) (via The Golden Grouches)

Brian: So faster than Adam could insult John's movie taste, the news of Anne Hathaway and James Franco being the hosts of this year's Oscars has spread quickly around the interwebs. Consider me thrilled and excited. I was probably more bullish on last year's telecast than most, and that was in spite of Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin's lame performance as hosts. As Dave Karger points out over on Inside Movies, "But [the Academy] clearly seems to be … Read More

via The Golden Grouches

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